Encountering strangers

Meeting someone and hearing something unexpected really moves me! It can be something quite simple or even a gesture. Anyway, why talk when you can say something with a slight nick and smile as you pass by your fellow sisters…

Stars need space

If you are a star you need space. Go shine!

Sock Land

Where do all the socks go? It is a mystery, all the socks in the world become ”their own” and go to meetings with other ”ones”… Somewhere, someplace nobody really knows. If you want to be in charge of things,…

Evaluation of PLM system

I have been evaluating different PLM software (product lifecycle management) the past couple of years. Understanding a structure and work method is imperitive to how the solution may look. So many factors should be taken into consideration. Implementation of a…

Formex on my mind

Come see my products for the first time ever! @ formex 19-22 january 2012.

A splash, nice!

Taking a splash today, nice! I spend one week per year on the west coast of Sweden – in a town called grebbestad. This picture is taken at tanum strand, after a well deserved swim in the ocean. Tanum strand