The uniform

The shell tells alot about who you are and what you do. Of course it is the inside that counts! The inside that Counts!

Good taste

Food and fashion, it is all about taste!

Running slow

Time is something that is consumed and i spend it contemplating what i have done or what to do. My best times are just doing, therefor i am attempting to do music then I am in time. You can find me…

Forever young

It’s all about having fun!

Taking time

What to i consum most? Definitely time!

Like there is no tomorrow

I go for whatever style suits me for the day!

Endurance of fashion

Fashions come and go, keepers are keepers. Some things lighten up my closet, like in winter time i always have a summer dress in there and when i look at it i think about a walk on the beach!

Condensed living

When you travel you realize the essentials you really need and use. So many times i have not even bothered to unpack because of the lack of storage solutions at the hotel. Now i bring along a couple of the…

Making decisions

What am i gonna wear? It is a creative process.

Motion picture, my photo album

In fact, a movie is lots of pictures put together, we perceive it as a motion. I´m an old gall, i like my photo albums, it is both charming and resting to look at one picture at a time. This…