The uniform

The shell tells alot about who you are and what you do. Of course it is the inside that counts! The inside that Counts!

Good taste

Food and fashion, it is all about taste!

Like there is no tomorrow

I go for whatever style suits me for the day!

Endurance of fashion

Fashions come and go, keepers are keepers. Some things lighten up my closet, like in winter time i always have a summer dress in there and when i look at it i think about a walk on the beach!

Making decisions

What am i gonna wear? It is a creative process.

Plenty of space?

I am constantly adding fashion into the wardrobe, it all seems to go so fast in and slower way out. I am loving all the designers making creations, just loving it! I organize my closet in color, then by type…

Fashion for fashion!

Just love all that space i created with the fashion organizer before my way to the fashion shop!