Evaluation of PLM system

I have been evaluating different PLM software (product lifecycle management) the past couple of years. Understanding a structure and work method is imperitive to how the solution may look. So many factors should be taken into consideration. Implementation of a…

To organize = power

There are two things about organization that needs to be taken in account, 1). Mental state 2). Stuff situation. The only thing that is stopping you to be a better you is 1).

Overwhelming meetings

Being at Formex is overwhelming and meeting all kinds of wonderfull people during this week (and it aint over)! Come to my booth i have gifts!!!! And yes the gifts are made in Sweden!

Tools for the design process – Formex Stockholm

I am making the final adjustments to my booth at the trade fair formex which is the largest interior design fair for nordic design. Formex is a source of inspiration and to share new light in ways to creating genuin…

Didi Shakti

View clothes collection 2012 from didi shakti (designer sara shakti andersson from sweden) at my booth at the formex tade fair 19-22 january 2012. Just received the collection this week, nice! Her designs are poetic and feminin, see pictures www.didishakti.com

Formex on my mind

Come see my products for the first time ever! @ formex 19-22 january 2012.

An investment

Invest in yourself, my products are made to last and hold. My designs are